Taylor Swift's Lover Book Tag

I have not been able to stop listen to Taylor Swift's 'Lover' since it came out, I absolutely love the album and it's one of the few that I can listen to all the way through without skipping any songs. So when I saw Mari at Musings of a Book Girl had created this tag I knew I had to do it. This tag is all hers and the graphic included in this was created by her as well

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer is a book I had... feelings about lets say. I really, really dislike this book and even after all this time after reading it my feelings towards this are still negative and very strong. I would be completely okay if this book vanished from The Earth. 

Gosh there's so many books I could pick for this one but I'm going to go with a recent read with La Belle Sauavge by Phillip Pullman. The two protagonist Alice and Malcom, and their respective demons go through so much shit in this book that at times it's hard to believe they're still alive. They're both lite…

Top Ten Tuesday: Books On My TBR I'm Scared of Picking Up

Hey guys! Today I decided to partake in this week's Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Artsy Reader Girl. TTT is something I want to try doing on this blog, but I won't promise to do it every week, especially if there's not a topic I enjoy! 
1. The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon

I absolutely loved the first two books in The Bone Season series, and unfortunately I haven't got round to reading the third yet, but I still think it's going to be a great series. So when I found out Samantha Shannon was coming out with a new book I jumped at the chance to buy it, however I didn't realise how long it was - my hardcover copy has 804 pages. I am absolutely terrified of picking it up, how am I meant to read a book with 804 pages? What if I hate it after spending all that money on it? But I know that's ridiculous, going off of the synopsis and ratings on goodreads I should love this! And I really enjoying Shannon's writing style so what's there not t…

Recent TV Show Binges #3

1. Good Omens (available on Amazon Prime)

It kind of feels like the whole of the internet has binged this series, and then consequently fallen in love with a demon and an angel. And I being unoriginal, have done the same. I unfortunately haven't read 'Good Omens' yet but I hope to now I've seen the TV show because oh my god this was great.

The show centres on a demon, Crawley, and an angel, Aziraphale, names which you may recognise if you're a Christian, or if you're obsessed with Supernatural - kinda weird to be addressing you together like this. The two of them both fight for different sides, Heaven and Hell, and try to ensure either good or bad is the main influence on the human race. Throughout their centuries on Earth however, they have struck up a wonderful friendship and have been committed companions. When they hear Armageddon is coming, the two work together to try and put a stop to it and save their home, Earth.

 This series somehow perfectly managed t…

The Flame In The Mist by Renée Ahdieh Review

This review is gonna be a bit of a mess, but my god am I having some internal struggles over just what I think of this book. I flew through this book in a day and whilst reading I noticed a few things, I should point at before this begins it was enjoyable, but in a trashy kind of way. However, the issue with this is when I read a book that fast it means it can be amazing, but more often that not it means it really isn't very good. Funnily enough, after I put it down some things just didn't sit right and that's real concerning to me. 

Firstly we have the main character Mariko, who is supposed to be based off of/inspired by Disney's Mulan, which amazing because who doesn't love Mulan? And I really wanted to love Mariko! And I did at the start, the first chapter made me think we were going to have a smart, competent YA female lead, but I'm not sure we did get that. Mariko is established as a competent and inventive girl in the narrative, but we're unfortunate…